Eddie Star 2017 Video Shoot Still

EDDIE STAR – 2017 Music Video

Artist: Eddie Star
Label: Ton-Up Inc.
Video: “2017
Director: Marisha Camp
Cast: Jesse Camp, Amanda Lepore, Club Kids
Exclusive Premiere: Blank TV (August 19, 2014)
Video Add Date: September 2, 2014


To celebrate the release of Eddie Star‘s discography, a music video for the song 2017 was produced and directed by New York photographer Marisha Camp.  Marisha’s brother, former MTV VJ Jessie Camp makes an appearance in the video.  “It was really cool to have Jesse appear in the video” says Star,  “He is a great guy and it made sense from the point of view that Jesse was on Total Request Live playing music videos when The Zero Effect was together.”

The director of the video 2017, Marisha Camp, was not shy about her opinions of working with Eddie Star “For as long as I have known Eddie, he has never wavered in his absolute belief in rock and roll. In his childhood memories, he waits for months to receive the Joan Jett poster that hangs on a record store wall, and even now, in 2013, in a post post post punk era, he is steadfast and loyal, sticking to his guns and writing the sort of unapologetic, fearless punk songs that would make his heroes proud. In making the 2017 video, I wanted to speak about sticking to your guns, about never letting a rebel spirit die in a world that’s homogenizing at breakneck speed, at never growing up if growing up means leaving the house in normal person drag. After capturing the ferocious honesty of Eddie Star, I started to seek out other people who are just as true to themselves, whatever the cost. I encountered so many powerful, brave, and beautiful souls along the way, and I hope people walk away from the video with a little inspiration to be themselves on 11.”