With the release of their upcoming debut album titled Informal Deviance (August 28, 2015), Joybox is reinventing punk influenced rock.

Joybox is best described as high energy glitter-punk-raw power chords built on a solid foundation of epic drums, provocative lyrics and melodies that are infectious and memorable.

Informal Deviance takes the listener on a dark journey laced with sexual desire and political, religious and social overtones. The fury of “Sexsation” is infused with a sensibility that brings to mind The Stooges, while “Strange Love” conjures Marc Bolan and T.Rex. Informal Deviance is an all- out must listen for the musical connoisseur

Their Los Angeles roots and their New York zip code are evident in Eddie Star’s lead vocals and rhythm guitar and in Bob Mars’ thunderous drums. They are high powered sonic ear candy for music junkies craving their rock-n-roll fix.

The band slammed into New York with their debut appearance at artist William Quigley’s, New York art gala “The Pleasurist” in 2013 and have not looked back. The music of Joybox is unapologetic and true to the vision that inspired Star and Mars to put the band together.