Marshall Tarley

Marshall Tarley

“I have dedicated my life to enriching the potential and success of leaders and serving as a guide and catalyst for individuals reaching higher levels of self-actualization.”

Marshall is a leader and a catalyst for change. His work as an executive coach has helped leaders develop and cultivate new skills, often focusing on emotional intelligence and utilizing discoveries in neuroscience to tap unused cognitive resources. As a personal success coach, he applies these same techniques. Working with Marshall provides an experience that goes beyond skill acquisition to provide knowledge and insights that produce transformational results.

In addition to his activities as a Coach, Speaker, and Author, Marshall also serves as the Vice President of the Dottino Consulting Group (DCG). DCG is a unique firm that transforms organizations, improving their bottom line by improving employee skills, work processes, and leadership behaviors with real-life measurable results.

Marshall has held executive roles in banking, music, intellectual property and entertainment. His innovations, organizationally and in the businesses, he’s touched, have brought culture change, revenue enhancements and cost saving efficiencies that ignite employee engagement. His work has spanned diverse business disciplines, though he is best known for leadership development, executive coaching, quality through process innovation, organizational development, self-managed teams, a doctrine of leadership at every level and Agile.V2, the customization of Agile to fit each unique environment.

He is the Co-founder and President Emeritus of the USA Memory Championship and has participated in planned memory research at MIT’s McGovern Brain Institute. Marshall also served as executive producer of Discovery Science Channel’s 2013 television program, Memory Games.